Life Hacks for Dog Owners

Dogs are truly wonderful friends and companions. Fido’s love and loyalty, combined with that adorable furry face and his cute antics, make him a great pet. Being a dog parent isn’t all fun and games, though: taking good care of your furry pal requires quite a bit of work. We can help! A Greer, SC vet lists some great dog care hacks in this article.


A carabiner can definitely come in handy for dog parents. If you’re walking several pooches, use a large one to hold their leashes. Then, attach a spare collar to it, so you can just hold that. If you need to tie Fido up outdoors, you can also use one to attach the leash to itself. (Note: never leave your dog tied up without food and water, or for long periods.)

Pooch Calmer

Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms? Run an unscented dryer sheet over Fido’s fur when the skies darken. This will eliminate static, and may help keep your furry pal calmer.

Walking Setup

Designate a specific jacket as your dog-walking coat. Choose one with reflective stripes, so you can be easily seen at night. Also, keep waste-disposal baggies, spare keys, and treats in the pockets. When it’s time to take Fido out for a stroll or to the park, just grab that jacket and you’re ready to go!


Taking Fido to a picnic or barbeque? Attach a small bottle opener to your furry friend’s collar, so you always have one.

Dish Protection

Are ants getting into your pup’s outdoor bowls? Draw a circle around them with chalk. If that doesn’t work, get raised doggy dishes, or put them on an elevated tray.

Door Scratching

Does your pooch tend to scratch at the door? Use a thick sheet of plastic to make a door protector.

Doggy Dental Care

Taking care of Fido’s teeth is very important! If your pup won’t let you brush his choppers, put pet toothpaste on a rope toy or chew toy. (You may want to keep Fido in the kitchen for this, in case he makes a mess.)

Fur Buster

Use a squeegee or a rubber dish glove to remove dog fur from your carpet and furniture. You may be surprised at how well they work!

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