Things That Annoy Your Cat

If you have a kitty, chances are, your pet has some adorable habits and characteristics that are all her own. Just like people, cats all have their own individual likes and dislikes. While some of your furball’s tastes may be completely unique, our feline friends do share a lot of opinions, as well as many pet peeves. Read on as a Greer, SC vet lists some things that annoy kitties.

Loud Noises

You have probably noticed that our feline friends are quite sleepy little furballs. Your drowsy pet may spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing. It’s no wonder that loud noises rank pretty high on the list of Fluffy’s pet peeves. After all, it’s hard to nap when someone or something is making noise!


To be fair, cats’ hatred of water isn’t completely unjustified. In the wild, rivers, ponds, and lakes can hide dangerous predators. Currents can also be very dangerous for our feline friends. Last but not least, there’s also the fact that Fluffy doesn’t exactly look her best when she’s sopping wet.

Being Yelled At

We know, our feline friends aren’t perfect. Fluffy may use your couch as a manicure station, or knock your glass of water off the coffee table. However, most of your furball’s behaviors are really just natural instincts. Therefore, you should never yell at your kitty for doing something wrong: you may only frighten her, or make her feel anxious.

Being Ignored

It’s probably safe to say that cats have a high opinion of themselves, and they think we should too. When Fluffy wants to be petted, she may nudge you with her head, rub against your legs, or simply hop into your lap. Her Furry Majesty will most definitely not be pleased if you ignore her requests for attention! (Too much attention, incorrectly-applied attention, and poorly-timed attention are also on Fluffy’s list of pet peeves, but that’s another topic.)

Dirty Bathrooms

Cats prefer clean bathrooms, and who can blame them? Be sure to keep Fluffy’s litterbox clean.

Other Cats

While cats can—and do—sometimes become furry BFFs, this isn’t always the case. Our feline friends can be quite jealous and territorial, and aren’t always exactly thrilled to find another furball in their kingdom.

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