Our Veterinarians

Dr. Lori York

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. York majored in chemistry during college, even receiving her Masters degree in Biochemistry, but ultimately found research work a bit boring. One day, she had a thought: why not take all her biochemical and molecular biology knowledge and put it to practical use in medicine? Once she settled on veterinary medicine, Dr. York knew she was hooked. Now she’s the chief veterinarian and owner of Blue Ridge Animal Hospital!

Dr. York grew up in Cleveland, Ohio as one of six children. Once she’d decided on veterinary medicine and was prepared to apply to vet school, Dr. York realized she wanted to get out of snowy Ohio and head south. She moved to Georgia, close to where her parents lived, and attended veterinary school there to receive her DVM degree. After working as an Associate Veterinarian for four years in Lavonia, Georgia, Dr. York bought Blue Ridge Animal Hospital from its previous owner in 1991.

As a veterinarian, Dr. York holds particular interest in internal medicine, endocrinology, dermatology, and soft tissue surgery. She also enjoys running her own business and making crucial decisions for the practice.

Lori even met her husband through the veterinary profession. At her first job out of vet school, he was a receptionist and technician at the small practice Dr. York joined. Their first date involved a farm call in which they chased a cow through the dark woods!

Together, Dr. York and her husband have several pets. The largest are three Great Danes named Gibbs, Bella, and Sara Lee. They also have Rusty, a rescued Border collie, Chester the cat, and two sister kittens, Rosa and Rita.

Dr. York says she doesn’t have a lot of time for hobbies between work and family, but when she does get a chance, she loves to read and do crafts. She’s also very active in her church, and has even completed 10 mission trips to Honduras, treating animals in need and helping out in orphanages!

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Photo of Dr. Lori  York

Dr. Carol Springs

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Springs was inspired to work in the veterinary field by her father, who served as a veterinarian in the United States Air Force for 28 years. She’s honored to follow in his footsteps, and even attended the same veterinary school as he did!

As an Air Force brat, Carol grew up in several states across the U.S., even spending four years of her early childhood in Germany. After the family settled in South Carolina, Carol attended Furman University in Greenville for her undergrad studies. After that, she was accepted to the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine, the same school her father had graduated from in 1958. While working at a clinic in Spartanburg, Dr. Springs heard about an opening at Blue Ridge and applied. She started here in October of 1998.

Client education is of the utmost importance to Dr. Springs. She says it’s difficult these days to compete with “Dr. Google,” but she’s compelled to give patients more accurate information and resources. She’s also passionate about dermatology, thanks to the abundant pet skin problems in the southeast United States. Dr. Springs also used to serve as a member of the South Carolina Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

Carol lives with her husband Jay, a writer. They’ve been married since 1995 and have one son named Isaac. The family shares their home with five pets: three cats and two dogs, all of whom are rescues.

When time permits, Dr. Springs enjoys reading—she says it’s inevitable that she married a man who also loves words and books!—and also likes to cook. Her latest endeavor is crochet, and she says she’s become fairly proficient at making dishcloths!

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Photo of Dr. Carol  Springs